Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Stereotype

I walked down the street today and I felt powerful. I felt like i owned the world. My red heels which were today's pick made me unstoppable. People could feel my energy, when I went to Camps Bay for drinks this evening the waiter ran around me like I was the queen. With my eyes tucked neatly behind my D&Gs, I played the part of the stereotype he had assumed I was. He treated me with respect, he was pleasant . . . but he expected a huge tip! Do day time heels mean money? Or is this a "week day drink at Camps Bay" association?
I was sitting next to my brother who was dressed as if he had just come off the beach: t-shirt, shorts and slops. Did this affect the waiter?

While we were sitting, sipping on our cocktails, a man in a black Golf 6 drove up. He parked right in front of me. my immidiate association was "rick prick" driving around in a new Golf and he can barely even drive *his parrallel parking skills could do with some work*! he just happened to leave his emergency lights on... my brother being the gentleman he is reminded him and turns out this golf driver is such a nice guy, down to earth and funny!

Here I am trying to prove a point about stereotyping and being judged.... when i still do it myself.


  1. I do believe what you wear and how you present does sometimes reflect some sort of characteristic which you possess. :)

  2. If we have to dress up to be respected and treated properly then our society is shit.

    Remember how people treated the gumboot dancers?

  3. it might not be right, but it true. AND, you always feel better when you look better!