Monday, October 5, 2009

Dinner with the friendlies

I just got home from a hectic day!
- took my Audi to get her new number plates.
after that i went out for lunch at the waterfront! of course i did not pay,
then i did all my grocery shopping at woolworths!
After i got home from the V and A i went out for dinner with mates!
- didn't pay for that either. . . life;s great in my little world!

It is so easy to fall into the trap of acting like this spoiled little girl. Just looking at what i wrote above i am able to see how many people actually believe they have these difficult lives because "their car needs new plates and the service guy is useless"

I am going to write 2 paragraphs from now on . . . one from the "rich bitch" and one that is actually me. i cannot bare to just write from a nasty, spoiled girl's perception as it is important i am able to show the difference!

lunch this afternoon was at spur with my brother and his friend... we had such a great lunch! we chatted about jobs (both of them have job interviews lined up). it was a lovely afternoon with ait of boozing and lots of laughing! dinner with my friends was even better! i introduced my brother to some of my friends :) i love my friends! we are all a bit naughty when we are together but we always fun!!!! they are such real friends! not the kind of "upper east side" "Blaire and Sabrina" type friends. our friendship is so real! Love you girls x x x

anyways, sushi and wine have made me sleepy! so i am off to sleep.
night night

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  1. Hello there my love... I like your idea of writing two paragraphs and expressing both sides of the apple cart... :) I cant even start to imagine how awkward it was for you... I myself dress for comfort when I got to varsity... and when I go out at night its a whole other thing... You actually enter a different type of personality depending on the clothes you wear... Its very interesting...