Thursday, October 15, 2009

me in my outfit :)

me... right now in the lounge...

where i wanna be... .... :P haha

going out with a bang

Today is my last day dressed like a tart - at vega. so i decided to go all out :)
my hair is up as i have had no time to wash it... but i do have make up on. my nails are all repainted! my legs moisturized and shaved :) i feel great.
I am wearing a bright colourful top - it shows some boob - haha, with a pair of black shorts and some nine west heels. 

i'm a bit bleak cus i just parallel parked my audi into the curb... so i have now got one decent scratch on my mag *sadness* but i guess it was bound to happen eventually! so in 10 days: the car has been egged, rolled into a gate and scratched a mag - great! *sarcasm* dad is going to kill me! :(

anyways, i won't let my pretty little self worry about something i can't fix (or can't afford to fix)!!! lol.

have a great day everyone :)


oh what a day

It is 20:06 and i have just got home from vega.
fuck me, i am tired! i didn't wear heels today but i still tried looking decent.
i put on my summers dress from top shop :)

thank goodness i dressed comfortably as i sat on my chair in the MM room for 10 hours working on my animation... and i have only done 47 seconds... well at least i am more than half way!
-trying to stay positive!

my brother also left today :( pretty bummed. he was squatting in my lounge.. now i just came home to a neat couch, no cushions or clothes all over it. i miss him :(

makes me think just how important the ones we love are. can't wait for him to come back. looking for a place for the 2 of us to stay next year. i realise how much i love living with my best friend when he left today!

peace out

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I have had enough! My feet hurt, my skin looks like shit and I am sick of walking around acting like a have a carrot up my ass. Today i put my hair in a bun, dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, put on slops and did NO MAKE UP! 

It is scary when you start to act like you are better than everyone because you start thinking that you are. I have caught myself talking to a car guard like he's shit, looking up and down at the shops wondering "what were you thinking". I judge sometimes, its the truth but normally as often as i think of something horrible to say to the person i also think of something nice.

This assignment has shown me how easy it is to change and it is worrying because money does not give anyone the right to treat another person like they are less of a person!

i look gross... but i don't really care!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

you wanna walk in my shoes... go ahead!

I don't mean to sound cocky when i say this, but i live a very good life. there are very few things i can complain about and i think a lot of people would like to walk a day in mu shoes as the path looks really smooth. well... i have to say even in the life i live, i choose to dress comfortably and chilled. today i am realizing why i choose to dress the way i do. this morning i put on my black, peep toe aldo wedges with a cute little black dress. after a day in these heels i can hardly walk, i have 5 huge callouses on each foot. After putting make up on everyday for the past 10 days i have pimples all over my face ... ... can walk a day in my shoes with pleasure!

Monday, October 12, 2009

a lucky girl....

Today I might as well have come in a tracksuit with no  make up and dirty hair. The only person to say anything to me was my brother and thats because he's living with me and knows how hard i am trying to look good everyday... I am quite happy as I blended in with everyone :) :) :) however there is nothing worse than trying to look your best and nobody notices. I have to keep reminding myself that people know I am doing this experiment with stereotypes and comfort zones so they expect me to dress up! They are not insulting me by saying nothing. 

I have to keep remembering that many people do not have the opportunity to wear nice clothes and plenty of people get dressed everyday, trying to impress the ones they love or their friends and they are completely ignored. I am so grateful I have a brother who cares enough to compliment me, a mother who buys me clothes and a friendship group who makes me feel good even when they don't compliment me!!! :P

I am truly blessed to have the life I do and very grateful!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


I am proud to say I am in the yellow zone!