Monday, October 5, 2009

Judge the book . . .

There is nothing worse than being judged before people have met you. judgment is something that seems to be an everyday occurrence now and with this come preconceptions, of which many are false.

I am lucky enough to come from a wealthy family where the good things in life are the norm. I drive a beautiful car, live in a beautiful flat and going to London is like going to Durban. Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful to my parents for spoiling me like they do but other people seem to assume I am some "rich bitch" who thinks badly of everyone else. My parents are great people and have taught me how to appreciate everything they give me and to not just expect it.

I am a very down to earth person, although I love the high society life, I also love to just chill with my mates in ripped tracksuit pants and a t-shirt as old as me. I am just a normal person, I am no better than anyone and no worse - I know this, so why can others not see it?

Over the next two weeks I am going to prove to everyone that a book should not be judged by its cover. From now on I am going to wear all my fancy clothes to college, wear expensive make-up, straighten my hair, make sure my nails are perfect - and dress for the part as the "little rich Sandton girl"

I wonder if I'll pick up that hoity-toity accent...


  1. Hey hey! I think this is going to be so interesting to see how people are going to react to you... I have briefly met you and I certainly don't think that you come across the way you describe the way other people perceive you. However I do believe these tow weeks are going to be very interesting and I am excited to follow you and also experience the reactions you get from other people.

    Goodluck.... :)

  2. i'm loving the blog girl! well done :) keep it up!