Thursday, October 15, 2009

oh what a day

It is 20:06 and i have just got home from vega.
fuck me, i am tired! i didn't wear heels today but i still tried looking decent.
i put on my summers dress from top shop :)

thank goodness i dressed comfortably as i sat on my chair in the MM room for 10 hours working on my animation... and i have only done 47 seconds... well at least i am more than half way!
-trying to stay positive!

my brother also left today :( pretty bummed. he was squatting in my lounge.. now i just came home to a neat couch, no cushions or clothes all over it. i miss him :(

makes me think just how important the ones we love are. can't wait for him to come back. looking for a place for the 2 of us to stay next year. i realise how much i love living with my best friend when he left today!

peace out

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