Friday, October 9, 2009

Finally got some notice

Today as i buttoned up my Jo Borkett blouse, I thought it would be a great day.
I put on my purple (matching) heels and walked out the door knowing today my oufit
was going to get me noticed. AND IT DID!

I went to class which was fine, but after class I had to go sort out the bullet proofing
of my new car. The men there could barely talk to me. It felt so good. Before today I was
self conscious as I walked around a head taller than everyone else, today I embraced it!

It was not so much about trying to live up to something but rather about being comfortable
in what i was wearing... The looks I got in the waterfront made me feel pretty good though :)
One man even made some remarks. I felt like sex on legs!

It is pretty sad though... do women these days have to put in all this effort in order to get
noticed or is this power walk energy I am giving off getting me attention?

either way... people notice me now that i am dolled up and in heels... nobody noticed me before.


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  2. you can't go wrong with a good pair of shoes ;)

  3. i know :) they make my day!
    its crazy how sexy a girl can feel with heels and nice underwear! lol