Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I have had enough! My feet hurt, my skin looks like shit and I am sick of walking around acting like a have a carrot up my ass. Today i put my hair in a bun, dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, put on slops and did NO MAKE UP! 

It is scary when you start to act like you are better than everyone because you start thinking that you are. I have caught myself talking to a car guard like he's shit, looking up and down at the shops wondering "what were you thinking". I judge sometimes, its the truth but normally as often as i think of something horrible to say to the person i also think of something nice.

This assignment has shown me how easy it is to change and it is worrying because money does not give anyone the right to treat another person like they are less of a person!

i look gross... but i don't really care!


  1. and this is SA so you are allowed to strike.

    though i wont agree that you look that bad!

    funny though how generaly i've found that people from money do tend to be more "of them selves" though, i have met some really nice people who came from a lot of money, who are really just good, down to earth people ;)

  2. ja i think the people who wish they had ALL the money are the ones who fake it and walk around treating people like the "rich bitches" they think they are...