Saturday, October 10, 2009

I hid behind the homo

Last night as I danced away my life at Crew I was surrounded by erotic, sweaty males. Men who were grinding each other, kissing each other and who knows what else behind the bathroom door!
I normally go to places like Karma or Tiger Tiger, now call me wrong, but I am sure in straight clubs the heat level does not get as high as it did at thee gay bar last night. I have no problem with it and believe me when I say I am 100% comfortable with gay men. But do gay bars hold a license for soft porn? And when does this erotic behavior start bordering on pornography? - there are loads of people watching.

I watched the dancers doing their thing with all the men below jumping at their feet, watched the dancers rub up against one another, teasing the crowd and wondered how well this would go down in a straight club.

I am fighting a war with myself at the moment because I am not one for P.D.I. but it is also so great being surrounded by people who are so turned on by one another that they can't help keeping their hands off each other. That raw sexual tension was buzzing in the air where at a straight club it doesn't really exist.

I went to the bar as myself last night. I had no blow dried hair, no make up, flat shoes and a dress that was a little short... AND I LOVED IT! My feet are so buggered from walking in heels all day it was wonderful to just be clean and away from all the beauty products and clothes!!!! I felt so comfortable in the gay bar dressed like that, I had nobody to impress, it was just about myself and my friends! - Isn't it sad that in order to go out at night and not be self conscious a girl has to hide in a gay bar....


  1. I know how you feel there. I feel all the pressure when I go to gay bars and absolutely nothing when I am in a straight bar. I also go and hide in bars not intended for me :)

  2. I’ve heard of this before. Straight girls going to gay bars to avoid being hit on, to be more comfortable etc, but, I have female friends who seem to pick up more guys in gay clubs than in straight bars. Haha. Me, being gay, I don’t like gay clubs at all. I tend to go to the straight clubs to avoid being hit on. What a strange reversal of times uh?