Monday, October 12, 2009

a lucky girl....

Today I might as well have come in a tracksuit with no  make up and dirty hair. The only person to say anything to me was my brother and thats because he's living with me and knows how hard i am trying to look good everyday... I am quite happy as I blended in with everyone :) :) :) however there is nothing worse than trying to look your best and nobody notices. I have to keep reminding myself that people know I am doing this experiment with stereotypes and comfort zones so they expect me to dress up! They are not insulting me by saying nothing. 

I have to keep remembering that many people do not have the opportunity to wear nice clothes and plenty of people get dressed everyday, trying to impress the ones they love or their friends and they are completely ignored. I am so grateful I have a brother who cares enough to compliment me, a mother who buys me clothes and a friendship group who makes me feel good even when they don't compliment me!!! :P

I am truly blessed to have the life I do and very grateful!


  1. Gratitude :) I like that Kimberley.

    I do agree though, nothing worse than taking the time to get all spruced up and no one notices.

    Even worse? The day you don’t shave or brush your hair or ironed your clothes and everyone says “oooh, did you do something different? You are looking so good”


    Haha. Have an awesome day :)

  2. i like this investigation, Kimberley!

  3. I don't know if I don't notice people noticing me or if they don't notice me. Perhaps not noticing them means that they are not not noticing me.

    It is confusing.