Thursday, October 15, 2009

going out with a bang

Today is my last day dressed like a tart - at vega. so i decided to go all out :)
my hair is up as i have had no time to wash it... but i do have make up on. my nails are all repainted! my legs moisturized and shaved :) i feel great.
I am wearing a bright colourful top - it shows some boob - haha, with a pair of black shorts and some nine west heels. 

i'm a bit bleak cus i just parallel parked my audi into the curb... so i have now got one decent scratch on my mag *sadness* but i guess it was bound to happen eventually! so in 10 days: the car has been egged, rolled into a gate and scratched a mag - great! *sarcasm* dad is going to kill me! :(

anyways, i won't let my pretty little self worry about something i can't fix (or can't afford to fix)!!! lol.

have a great day everyone :)



  1. Hahaha that's hilarious. That car is cursed, I am telling you.

  2. hahaha! i love it. dont stress about things you can afford to fix!